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Water Aerator

Water Aerator

Jaeger-AERATION’s core competence – and sole focus – is engineering and manufacturing the world’s leading fine-bubble wastewater diffuser. We produce membranes, assemblies, and components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), who equip municipal and industrial treatment systems. Our success is based on continuous product innovation, friendly and competent service, and zero-defect philosophy.

Since 1942, Gummi-Jaeger has specialized in application engineering, materials development, and value-added services in rubber and plastics. As leading wastewater consultants, we continue to innovate to meet and exceed our clients’ needs in all industries needing aerator wastewater solutions.

Since 1975, when we created the world’s first rubber membrane diffuser, Gummi-Jaeger has sold more than 12 million wastewater aerator diffusers and assemblies worldwide, including designing solutions for most U.S. and German OEMs. As the industry pioneer and leader, Gummi-Jaeger Aeration is the dependable, long-term, global supplier for aeration water treatment.

In the United States, customers have benefited from Gummi-Jaeger wastewater diffuser products since the early 1980s. Jaeger-AERATION is a 3rd generation family-owned and operated business. As part of the ARTEMIS Rubber group, since 1993 we’ve served our U.S. and Americas clients as a rubber manufacturing company from our headquarters in Longmont, CO, under the leadership of third generation President and Owner Claudius Jaeger.

Wastewater Diffusers

Research and Development – A Record of Innovation

Jaeger-AERATION’s extensive experience provides our clients with innovative technical solutions to achieve superior performance, durability, and return-on-investment for aerator wastewater investment.

In the early 1980s, the leading German wastewater OEM asked Arnold Jaeger to develop the world’s first rubber membrane for wastewater aeration systems. At that time, ceramic technology was standard. Due to the high cost of installing and operating ceramic diffusers, German industry sought a superior solution for aerobic digestion in the activated sludge process.

Since then, we’ve continued to innovate, with the ongoing goal of continuously improving products and processes, and reducing installation and operation costs. We’ve been awarded more than 30 patents related to wastewater aerators.

Water Aerators

Water Aerators

Diffuser Water

Diffuser Water

Aerator Water

Aerator Water

Aerator Wastewater Client Support

Consulting, Evaluation, Testing, Applied Product Seminars

Jaeger-AERATION does more than manufacture products. We offer a special partnership and long-term relationship with our clients. Our engineers are available to interact with our clients, and to meet their unique needs in aeration water treatment. One example is client support in selection strategy for wastewater diffusers . This value-added service – offered as a seminar or a self-guided tool – enables our OEM clients to bid more successfully on contracts.

We also benefit our clients by offering specific design and material solutions for specific industries, such as dairy, poultry, food processing, pulp and paper, and more. By choosing the optimal material for aerators wastewater, our clients benefit from superior performance, longer useful life, and lower costs.

Another benefit we offer is testing, evaluation, and validation, usually done in our in-house laboratory. This can involve testing new products, comparing performance of different wastewater aerator brands, and diffusers to select the best for custom or difficult applications.

Wastewater Aerators – From Standard To Custom

Water Diffusers

Water Diffusers

We offer both tube and disc bubble diffuser products. Our standard wastewater diffuser – the JetFlex TD™ Tube Diffuser and HD™ DiscDiffuser – is available for off-the-shelf delivery.

We also offer custom products to serve and support our OEM customers. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we develop customer-specific designs and solutions to meet unique requirements in aerator wastewater technology. This enables us to help our customers meet almost every effluent specification and project-cost requirement.

Our wastewater aeration systems are employed in aerobic digestion of activated sludge process for phosphorus removal, nitrification, de-nitrification, and more. Our  membranes and assemblies are engineered for high oxygen-transfer efficiency (SOTE) water treatment, low installation cost, and low power consumption. Our membranes are manufactured from EPDM rubber and other elastic materials.

In addition to wastewater aerator systems, our diffusers are used as pond aerator and lake aerator, as an aquaculture aerator, and for lagoon aeration.

Aerator Wastewater Quality: Manufacturing Excellence

Jaeger-AERATION offers a proven history as the brand of choice for quality aerators wastewater products. For more than 70s years, the Jaeger family has been engineering and manufacturing superior products made from rubber and other materials.

One reason for the superior quality and reliability of our wastewater aerator is our transparent, in-house process, from design and engineering, to manufacturing and testing. We perform compound formulation, compound mixing, rubber molding and extrusion, plastic injection molding, membrane perforation, assembly, headloss testing, and more. Because Jaeger engineers are in control from concept to shipment, we offer the highest integrity and quality.

Our product durability has been demonstrated in numerous case studies of wastewater diffuser products, where our products remained in service more than four times longer than product warranties.

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