Wastewater Consultant

Wastewater Consulting, Research and Development

Custom Solutions for Unique Challenges

One of the unique benefits we offer clients is as a waste water consultant, and ability to create custom products for specific and unique requirements in an aerobic wastewater treatment system.

In addition to wastewater consulting, we are a rubber engineering and manufacturing company. We perform in-house all our design, engineering, manufacturing and testing. This one-stop diffuser expertise, coupled with our ongoing commitment to cutting-edge research and development, enables us to meet your specific aerators wastewater treatment needs.

Jaeger-AERATION is the preferred partner of leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) wastewater companies. As water and wastewater consultants, we design, engineer and manufacture for them proprietary diffuser equipment to meet their unique specifications.

Water and Wastewaster Consultants – Materials Expertise

Jaeger polymer engineers formulate and process all our compounds in-house. Since pioneering the industry in 1983, we have developed a broad range of unique materials for different needs. Choosing the optimal diffuser material offers you superior performance, longer useful life, improved aerobic denitrification and lower costs. Jaeger-AERATION offers unique waste water consultant expertise to provide a variety of materials for both typical and non-typical applications. Our recommendations include:

* EPDM is ideal for municipal aerobic denitrification and certain industrial wastewaters

* Low-plasticizer EPDM is more durable for animal processing, food processing and beverage production

* Silicone offers superior performance for high-temperature or oily wastewater such as paper and petrochemical industries

All Jaeger-AERATION membrane materials can be enhanced with an anti-fouling “Jaeger Easy Clean”™ coating.

Waste Water Consultant – Evaluation and Testing

Wastewater Consultant Consulting Consulting

Wastewater Consulting and Testing

In addition to wastewater consulting, Jaeger-AERATION offers extensive testing capabilities, from assessing prototypes to testing production units. Assessment factors include mechanical strength, biochemical compatibility, headloss performance, aerobic denitrification, and more. In our lab, we can simulate intermittent operational stress on membranes and plastic bodies in water depths up to 10 meters (33 feet).

For the challenging or unusual aerobic wastewater treatment system, Jaeger-AERATION offers a wastewater consultant program in partnership with accredited research laboratories and institutions such as GSSE, German Rubber Research Institute, and the Leibnitz University of Hanover.


Since creating the world’s first rubber aeration diffuser in 1983, we have been and remain the industry leader in aerators for aerobic wastewater systems. Today, our innovation is in partnership with leading wastewater consulting and research organizations worldwide, including:


* Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, USA

* German Institute for Rubber Technology, Germany

* Leibnitz University of Hanover, Germany