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Standard Assembly and Membranes

Jet Flex® HD Disc Diffuser Series

Jet Flex® HD Disc Diffuser Replacement Membranes

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JetFlex® TD Tube Diffuser Replacement Membranes

Disc Diffuser

Disc Diffuser

The JetFlex® diffuser assemblies and replacement membranes are perhaps the world’s most advanced fine-bubble diffuser membranes for aerator wastewater systems and water treatment.

The JetFlex® diffuser tube and diffuser disc combine the highest oxygen-transfer efficiency and low energy usage. They’re engineered and manufactured by Gummi-Jaeger AERATION, which in 1983 invented the world’s first EPDM fine-bubble diffuser membrane. In some case studies, Gummi-Jaeger AERATION tube diffuser and disc diffuser (disk diffuser) products provided a useful life of up to 10 years or more – providing service three times times longer than their projected product life.

Diffuser Disc

Diffuser Disc

Please contact your Gummi-Jaeger AERATION authorized distributor now to purchase diffuser tube and diffuser disc products. Authorized distributors can also provide consulting and system design to build, expand, or upgrade your fine bubble aeration wastewater treatment system. Your authorized distributor can also answer your questions about wastewater aerator engineering and system layout.

Diffuser Tube,  Diffuser Disc (Diffuser Disk)

High Efficiency, Low Cost

Standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) tests for wastewater diffuser aeration reveal that the Gummi-Jaeger AERATION JetFlex® diffuser tube and diffuser disc offer superior SOTE compared with other brands. Test results are available on request. The specific SOTE for fine bubble aeration is subject to tank geometry, submergence depth, diffuser density, and other factors.

Disc Diffuser and Tube Diffusers Made With Industry-Specific Materials

Tube Diffuser Tube

Tube Diffuser Tube

As engineers and materials experts, we offer a variety of tube diffuser and disc diffuser (disk diffuser) materials to meet the unique requirements of different industries. With more than 35 years experience, Gummi-Jaeger AERATION offers one-of-a-kind expertise. We advise on and provide a variety of materials, whether for typical wastewater diffuser aeration or unusual applications. These include:

* EPDM is ideal for municipal and certain industrial wastewaters

* Low-plasticizer EPDM is more durable for animal processing, food processing and beverage production

* Silicone offers superior performance for high-temperature or oily wastewater such as paper and petrochemical industries

* Other special fine bubble diffusers membrane on request

The Jaeger diffuser aerator can be enhanced with an anti-fouling “Jaeger Easy Clean”™ coating.