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Fine Bubble Diffuser

Fine Bubble Diffuser

Since 1975, Jaeger-AERATION has sold more than 12 million fine bubble wastewater aerator diffuser worldwide. Our core competence and sole focus is engineering, designing, and client support for bubble aerator assemblies and membranes. Our products are sold exclusively through more than 140 authorized partners, including supply companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), engineering firms, and contractors.

Our bubble aeration assemblies and membranes are employed in both municipal wastewater aeration systems and industrial applications to boost aerobic digestion, phosphorus removal, de-nitrification and more. Typically used in the aeration of activated sludge in biological wastewater treatment, our aeration assemblies and membranes are engineered for low installation cost, low power consumption, and high oxygen transfer efficiency.

Fine Bubble Diffusers – Benefits of Jaeger Aeration

Jaeger-AERATION disc and tube bubble diffuser offer low-cost installation, low-cost operation, and reliable performance in both intermittent and continuous fine-bubble aeration water treatment.

The benefits of our disc and tube fine bubble diffusers include:

* Highest energy-yield per KWh blower power of oxygen transferred

* Superior industry-specific performance and aeration of wastewater through strategic selection of specific membrane materials

* Superior performance in aerating water and oxygen-transfer efficiency, via precision, die-cut openings

* Low headloss due to grooved PP-support tube

* Mountable on both square and round tube laterals

Bubble Aerators – Standard and Custom

From Complete Assemblies to Replacement Membranes

With decades of experience in wastewater consulting, we offer you both standard diffusers as well as custom bubble diffuser products. To best meet your needs, we offer two primary types of products:

* Standard products: available for instant, off-the-shelf-delivery. These include both fully-assembled diffusers and membrane replacements compatible with most OEM brands and assemblies for bubble aerators.

* Custom products: designed, engineered and manufactured to meet specific client needs, ranging from creating proprietary assemblies and diffusers on behalf of OEMs, to creating unique designs and/or materials for specific wastewater bubble aeration or challenging effluents.

Bubble Diffusers – Jaeger Aeration’s Manufacturing Excellence

Jaeger AERATION polymer engineers formulate proprietary compounds for our bubble diffuser products. Our formula is created in-house on two mixing lines, or by certified external compounders. To provide superior wastewater aeration equipment and service worldwide, we are a Colorado rubber manufacturer also offering manufacturing in Europe and Asia. This allows us to meet your local product requirements, while lowering product and transport costs. All Jaeger manufacturing plants are ISO-certified, ensuring consistent quality and performance worldwide.

Water Aeration Treatment Testing

Water Aeration Treatment Testing

Bubble Diffuser Research

Bubble Diffuser Research

Water Aeration Components

Water Aeration Components

Bubble Aeration Research and Development

Bubble Diffuser Raw Materials

Bubble Diffuser Raw Materials

For optimal performance, fine bubble diffusers and membranes must be engineered and produced to match each kind of bubble aeration of wastewater. Here are some of the ways we offer you the ideal solution for your water aeration treatment:

* Polymer formulation for specific performance requirements

* Physical properties of the base membrane material

* Mechanical requirements of the membrane including air-bubble perforations for aerating water

* Shape and geometry of plastic support structure to ensure easy and secure installation, and even air distribution over entire membrane

Industry Specific Membrane Materials, Biological Wastewater Aerators

As bubble aerators and materials experts, we offer a variety of membrane materials to meet the unique wastewater aeration equipment requirements of different industries. With more than 35 years experience, Jaeger-AERATION offers unique expertise to provide a variety of materials for fine bubble diffusers for both typical and non-typical aeration water treatment. These include:

* EPDM for municipal and select industrial wastewater aeration systems

* Low-plasticizer EPDM for biological wastewater treatment, animal processing, food processing, and beverage production

* Silicone for high-temperature or oily wastewater such as paper and petrochemical industries

Jaeger-AERATION membrane materials can be further enhanced with an anti-fouling “Jaeger Easy Clean”™ Coating.