Wastewater Aerator

Wastewater Aerator

Wastewater Diffusers for Wastewater Aeration Systems

Whether you work in government or business, with domestic or industrial waste, an aerator wastewater diffuser is an essential link in your wastewater treatment chain. Aeration is essential for meeting national and local regulations, safeguarding health, protecting the environment, and avoiding clean up costs and liabilities. Wastewater aeration systems eliminate as much organic waste as possible: effluent in, clean water out.

Aerator Wastewater Diffusers

The key to aerobic treatment is effective wastewater diffusers. Micro-organisms absorb the organic matter carried in effluents. But they rely on oxygen, which is often depleted in wastewater. Through the use of a wastewater aerator, sewage treatment is faster, cheaper, and more effective. From biological to industrial waste, this anaerobic process is key.

Jaeger Aeration – the Best Wastewater Aerators Wastewater Diffusers

Your choice of aerator wastewater diffuser can make a huge difference, potentially saving – or costing – you millions of dollars. Here’s why Gummi Jaeger is the best choice for you:

Wastewater Diffuser Quality and Dependability

Gummi Jaeger wastewater aerator products are the best engineered and manufactured, offering quality, dependability, and peace of mind.

With our wastewater aerators, wastewater treatment is more dependable and costs less. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that all our design, engineering, manufacturing,  testing, and support is done in-house. And our aerator wastewater diffuser products are proudly Made in the USA.

But don’t take our word for it. Since 1975, Gummi-Jäger has designed and manufactured the highest-quality wastewater aerators; wastewater leaders including almost every OEM in the United States and major European markets rely on our quality.

“We use Gummi Jaeger exclusively because of the higher quality and higher performance. We view them as a partner.”

Bill Kunzman, Vice President Business Development, Schreiber LLC

Our customers include engineers, contractors and OEM companies worldwide. Industry leaders choose Jaeger Aeration wastewater aerator because of our continuous product innovation, expert customer support, and zero-defect philosophy.

Save Money with Jaeger Aeration

Wastewater treatment is energy-intensive. You’ll save money with our aerator wastewater diffuser, the most efficient in the industry. That’s because with our wastewater aerators, wastewater treatment costs less. Our products are engineered for low installation cost and low power consumption, as well as high oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE). With energy costs continuing to rise, you’ll reduce your utility bills and save more money by choosing highly efficient Gummi Jaeger wastewater diffusers.

Wastewater Aerator Innovation and Leadership

Our sole business focus is providing aeration components for wastewater treatment. Gummi-Jaeger engineers and manufactures wastewater aerator membranes, components and assemblies – that’s all!

In fact, our family invented in 1975 the world’s first rubber aerator wastewater diffuser. And while we’re flattered by imitation by our competitors, you’ll save money and enjoy peace of mind by choosing wastewater aerator products from the industry leader, Gummi Jaeger.

Today, we continue to lead the industry with innovation, from developing new materials for your specific needs, to continuously seeking to boost oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE) in wastewater diffusers.

Wastewater aerators cost as little as 1% to 2% of your total facility. Don’t gamble with your investment. Choose quality, efficiency and innovation: ask for Gummi Jaeger by name.