Lagoon Aeration

Lagoon Aeration, Lagoon Aerator

Farm Pond Aerators for Farm Pond Aeration

For solutions for agricultural wastewater aeration systems, Jaeger Aeration is your best choice for aeration lagoon aerator. We can help you eliminate waste, save money and increase your profit.

Lagoon Aeration

One of the main challenges of livestock is dealing with solid and liquid waste. Problems range from disease-carrying insects and flies to the costly waste removal. You also need lagoon aeration to meet the manure runoff and discharge requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state agencies.

The Solution – Lagoon Aerator

Our aeration lagoon aerator solves these problems and more, reducing organic matter and nitrogen by more than 50%. In a natural, low-cost method, our farm pond aerators speed up decomposition in a manure pond. You’ll save money on labor and operating costs, storing manure becomes easier, and pest-related problems are reduced.

A farm pond aerator speeds up decomposition of manure. Lagoon aeration can also help you deal with the effects of local weather on manure ponds. Farm pond aeration breaks down waste into fertilizer, turning it into valuable manure, which can increase crop production and profit. Finally, our farm pond aerators help reduce the problem of manure runoff waste disposal and flush water, and makes it easier to meet the discharge requirements of EPA and state regulations.

Farm Pond Aerators – Jaeger Aeration Saves You Money

Our aeration lagoon aerator is the most efficient in the industry. The agricultural business is energy-intensive. And with energy costs continuing to rise, you’ll reduce your utility bills and save money by choosing highly-efficient Jaeger Aeration components for your farm pond aeration.

Aeration Lagoon Aerators – Quality and Dependability

Jaeger Aeration’s quality farm pond aerators offer dependability and peace of mind. Our diffusers are the best engineered and manufactured. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that all our design, engineering, manufacturing, quality testing, and support is done in-house. And our farm pond aerators are proudly Made in the USA.

Farm Pond Aeration Innovation and Leadership

Further, we are the industry leader and innovator in farm lagoon aeration. Our family invented the world’s first rubber aeration diffuser in 1975. Today, we continue to lead the industry with innovative solutions, to create the leading aeration lagoon aerator. And while we are flattered by imitation by our competitors, you’ll save money and enjoy peace of mind by choosing Jaeger Aeration, the industry leader in farm pond aeration.