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Aeration Membrane Diffuser

Diffuser Membrane and Assemblies – Manufacturing Excellence

Wastewater treatment depends on system integrity, starting with the membrane air diffuser. A reliable, efficient wastewater treatment system requires dependability and quality in all links of the chain. That’s why numerous industry leaders select only fine bubble membrane diffusers from Jaeger-AERATION. Leading OEMs have relied on Jaeger-AERATION for more than 25 years to supply wastewater aerators to dozens of multi-million dollar wastewater treatment facilities.

Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers: A History of Quality

For more than 70s years, the Jaeger family has been engineering and manufacturing top-quality products from rubber and other materials. In 1975, our family invented the world’s first aeration membrane diffuser made from rubber. Now in our third generation in the business, the Jaeger family is a reliable, long-term provider of diffuser membrane and assemblies.

We are both a wastewater consultant and rubber manufacturers, so we offer you both technical expertise as well as manufacturing quality. Our North American clients are served by our membrane air diffuser manufacturing facility at our headquarters in Colorado, USA. Clients in Europe and Asia are served by local manufacturing facilities – owned and operated by the Jaeger family – to meet local content, price, and transport needs. To ensure uniform quality worldwide, all Jaeger diffuser membrane products are certified ISO 9001, TS 16949, and/or ISO 14000.

Membrane Air Diffuser and Assemblies: Transparent In-House Process, From Design to Testing

One reason for the superior quality and reliability of our aeration membrane diffuser is our one-stop, in-house process, from design and engineering, to manufacturing and testing. We perform our own compound formulation, rubber molding and extrusion, plastic injection molding, membrane perforation, and assembly. To ensure highest quality, we offer you total transparency throughout the diffuser membrane production chain, and meticulously monitor each step.

Jaeger-AERATION offers extensive testing capabilities, from assessing membrane air diffuser prototypes to testing production units. Assessment factors include mechanical strength, biochemical compatibility, headloss performance, and phosphorus removal wastewater. At our in-house laboratory, we can simulate intermittent operational stress on fine bubble membrane diffusers and assemblies in water depths up to 10 meters (33 feet).

Our competitors outsource many steps. But we do everything in-house – from engineering to manufacturing to testing – which gives you superior diffuser membrane results. Because Jaeger engineers are in control from concept to shipment, we offer the highest integrity and quality.

Aeration Membrane Case Studies – Reliability and Durability

Our aeration membrane diffuser is uniquely reliable and durable, often providing a return on investment far in excess of original expectations. We regularly receive reports from facilities worldwide, where our membrane air diffuser products remain in service up to four times longer than projected product life.

For example, in 1989 the city of Saarbrücken-Burbach, Germany, installed 6,500 Gummi Jaeger fine bubble membrane diffusers for its population of 240,000 people. Nearly 10 years later, the diffuser membrane discs remained in service.

Please contact Jaeger-AERATION for additional case studies demonstrating superior product life, and information about the Jaeger-AERATION membrane air diffuser.

Strengthen Your Wastewater Chain with Jaeger-AERATION Quality

Aeration membrane diffuser often represent only 1% to 2% of the construction cost of a wastewater treatment facility. So chose a proven history of quality and reliability, and ask for Jaeger-AERATION fine bubble membrane diffusers by name.